New Leadership Delivering Results for Our District

Why am I running for the Board of Education?

In 2020, I had the opportunity to sit on Mount Olive’s Board of Education as an interim member, appointed to fill a vacated seat. During my time serving as interim, I observed several opportunities to make our district even stronger, such as: 

  • Our curriculum can be improved. I sat on the Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Committee with which I learned that our work there is far from complete. I believe we need a tighter curriculum, access to courses for all students in the middle and high schools, and a curriculum that is accessible to all parents.

  • Our fiscal health can be improved. As a school board, I also feel we are called to be more fiscally responsible. I will help influence the fiscal health of the district and make smart decisions on where voter taxpayer money is best spent. 

  • Input from the community can be improved. I want to ensure that everyone can have a voice in making educational decisions, and that their voices are heard. For feedback and communication to truly be effective, it has to be a two-way dialogue. We cannot continue pushing out information at students, parents, employees and community members. It's time for real, two-sided conversations, and I will bring that to our district.


What makes me different from other candidates?

  1. As an educator, my focus is always children first, working proactively with the school board and the superintendent to achieve our district's collective goals.

  2. As a former board member, I understand that to be effective and make an impact, I must act as a conduit for the concerns and interests of teachers and parents.

  3. As a parent to a Mount Olive elementary school student, I have a personal interest in preserving and improving the quality of our school system. I have no hidden agenda. I love our district. I’m very happy with our teachers and whole-heartedly support them. 

To learn more about my background and family, click here.

If I'm elected, what will I do? 

In my time serving on the Mount Olive Board of Education as an interim member, it became clear that big change in our district comes from small, incremental decisions through the course of the year. Not from big, sweeping promises that I likely have no business making. So you won't find any empty claims and promises here. 

What I can promise is I will work hard to make sure everyone in this district has a voice, and to put the children of Mount Olive first, one small, incremental step at a time. 

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